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New air sampler for workplace and home.

Zurich, Switzerland -- Technology Care LLC has announced an easy to use air sampling kit that measures bioaerosols, airborne asbestos, mold, bacteria, PM10, PM2.5 and other airborne contaminants at the workplace or at home.

Hans Wyssen, general manager of Technology Care LLC, explains: “The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted air quality safety at the workplace. AirGerm™ lab reports help employers and facility operators fulfill due diligence requirements for insurers, employees, tenants and customers. Settlements for bodily injury and property damage caused by airborne particles can cost millions of dollars.”

To use, a credit card sized sampler is placed on a flat surface for 1 to 30 days and then sent to a laboratory with the post paid mailer. When the sampler arrives at the laboratory, a notification email is sent. An easy to understand test report can then be purchased that corresponds to the ISO 14644-1 standard and shows bioaerosols corresponding to CFU/m3. AirGerm™ kits can be ordered at:

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