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AirGerm™ Air Hygiene Test

"Any Air Anywhere"®
Easily monitor air hygiene in offices, data centers, aerospace, health care facilities, public buildings and more. The AirGerm™ sampling kit provides comprehensive interval air sampling during 1 to 30 days. Trusted by air quality professionals.
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Kit Price: US$159

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Price includes comprehensive "Air Hygiene" report
We are looking for partners. If you are an air quality professional you can provide AirGerm™ air hygiene analytics to your customers. Please contact us for details!

AirGerm™ reports provide deep insights into risks to health and business processes from airborne contamination.

The "Air Hygiene" report (included in the kit price) includes the following parameters:

  • Air cleanliness corresponding to the ISO 14644-1 (Class 9 or lower recommended)

  • Bioaerosols corresponding to CFU/m3 (1000 CFU/m3 or less recommended). CFU = colony forming unit

  • Biological/Non-Biological particle mass distribution

Optional "Air Particle Metrics" Report:

The "Air Particle Metrics" report including particle concentration, shape, size and distribution. This is a powerful tool for assessing contamination risks, identifying sources of contamination and improving air hygiene. To order this optional test, check the box on the back of the sampler mailer when returning the sampler for processing. Price: US$39.00

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  • "Air Hygiene" report

  • Prepaid shipping both ways

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  • All materials for sample collection

Place the credit card sized sampler on a flat surface such as a table, shelf or rack where it will not be disturbed for 1 to 30 days and then send it to our lab using the international prepaid mailer.

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  • Sampler packaged in a cleanroom grade resealable bag.

  • Instructions

  • Prepaid return mailer. Simply drop into any post box worldwide.