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AirGerm™ Air Hygiene Test

Measures Bioaerosols, Airborne Asbestos, Mold, Bacteria, PM10, PM2.5 & more.

For Business & Residential

Easily test air at the workplace, in technical rooms and at home.

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Kit Price: US$9.95

Worldwide flat rate shipping is US$9.95 per order. Laboratory reports can be ordered after sending the sampler to our laboratory with the prepaid mailer (see "Laboratory Report").

Three types of lab reports are available:

Bioaerosols (corresponding to CFU/m3) »

Total Particles (corresponding to standard ISO 14644-1) »

Particle Metrics (including asbestos fibers, PM10 & PM2.5) »

Report Price: US$49.95

How to order lab reports:

To test air place the credit sized sampler on a flat surface for at least 24 hours (see Instructions) and then send to our laboratory with the prepaid mailer. When the sampler arrives at our laboratory we will inform you by email. You can then order one or more lab reports on our ORDERS page. After receiving payment, we will analyze the sampler and email you the laboratory report within two working days.

Place the credit card sized sampler on a flat surface such as a table, shelf or rack where it will not be disturbed. Recommended test period: 1 - 30 days*. Then send the sampler to our lab using the international prepaid mailer.

* In cleanrooms we recommend that samplers be exposed for at least 7 days.

See instruction sheet »
  • Sampler packaged in a cleanroom grade resealable bag.

  • Instructions

  • Prepaid return mailer. Simply drop into any post box worldwide.